BOXSPOT revolutionizes drop-ins for affiliate owners and traveling athletes.

St. Louis, MO – BOXSPOT, an app designed exclusively to streamline drop-ins and maximize scheduling efficiencies for the Box owner and traveling athlete, will be released on October 2019. JoAnna St. Gemme, Co-founder of a digital marketing company and owner of one of the first Boxes in the world, can now add co-developer to her resume. She and her partners developed the app because she knew firsthand the administrative nightmare drop-ins caused for Box owners and for traveling athletes. “My partners and I created this app because I needed it as an owner and a traveling athlete. Instead of using the online tool, traveling athletes email me directly to ask about my WOD (workout of the day), other programming, and schedule before they start the registration forms,” said St. Gemme. “And it isn’t only painful for Box owners. As a traveling athlete, finding a Box that can fit my fitness needs and fit into my schedule, register, and pay can take 45 minutes to an hour. It is a horrible waste of time.” BOXSPOT is the solution to those challenges. An intuitively designed, proprietary mobile app, BOXSPOT simplifies and optimizes the drop-in experience for both Box owners and athletes. With more than 5 million athletes and 17,000 Box locations worldwide, the need for a convenience app like BOXSPOT is essential. “Before coming to a Box, athletes can identify themselves and their goals, electronically complete waiver paperwork, send an online payment, and check in online. Plus, trainers can review an athlete’s profile and goals and begin class on time without interruption. It is a game changer for owners and trainers,” said St. Gemme. “The traveling athlete benefits too. BOXSPOT is like OpenTable. You can locate Boxes near you, filter by Box programming and class times, read reviews, zoom through drop-in registration, and pay before you even walk into class.” The BOXSPOT app will be available October 2019 for download on iOS and Android and available through the Google Play Store and App store. For more information, visit or follow @boxspotapp on Instagram or Facebook.


Founded in 2019 by avid fitness enthusiast and serial entrepreneur, JoAnna St. Gemme, and her partners Nathan Boyd, Patrick Corley and Arsenije Savic. BOXSPOT is an easy-to-use app that solves challenges for both Box owners and traveling athletes. Designed to optimize the drop-in process for both owners and athletes and reduce administration costs and time, the app provides real-time location filtering while automating registration. It eliminates the challenges and inefficiencies for athletes who want to locate and schedule a drop-in class and saves owners’ time and money when processing drop-ins. Available for download in Fall 2019 on iOS and Android, and accessible through the Google Play Store and App Store, this app is helping to revolutionize seamless fitness. For more information, please visit or @boxspotapp on Instagram or Facebook.